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Become direct exchange member

Direct exchange member

Direct membership is for those companies, that trade higher volumes of carbon credits, or want to make money on brokerage services.


  • The lowest trading fee among all exchanges to trade carbon: 0.1 cent per credit
  • Fast and secure payment and delivery process
  • Manageable currency and carbon accounts
  • Making money on brokerage services
  • Programmic trading


  • Entry fee: 3.000 €
  • Annual fee: 1.000 € (from second year)
  • Trading fee: 0.1 cent / carbon credit

How to become member

  1. Registration - First you need to register to the Carbon Place as Free Carbon trader
  2. Fill in the Direct membership application - After you decide to become direct exchange member, you have to fill in direct membership application
  3. Pay entry fee - After you fill in the application to become direct exchange member, you must credit your account at least for the amount of the entry fee.
  4. We will check your application and grand you permissions to trade as direct exchange member